Today’s tech news: Amazon will sell the real 7-foot Christmas tree this year

areflect Christmas tree
Source: Daily Express

Amazon has left no stone unturned in the process of becoming the world largest E-commerce site. Every single product whether it may be a stationary product or the groceries or electronics. Amazon has covered each and every department. Now, Amazon started selling the long 7-foot real Christmas tree.

It has raised the experience of shopping for customers to the next level. You might have been buying gifts for your friends and families from Amazon from past few years, but this year its turn for Christmas trees.

What is the cost of 7-foot Christmas tree?

In the year 2017, Amazon has sold the Christmas trees. But their size was 3-foot which was way short.

Tim O Connor the executive director of the national Christmas tree association has told the following with the AP “Among the 27 Millions of Christmas trees sold last year, 1 to 2 percent purchases have come from online sites”.
Source: Christmas Celebration

This year Amazon will be selling Norfolk Island Pines, Douglas firs, red-leafed plant, wreath, and some other decorative items. Red leaf plant comes with a decorative candy cane which goes through the soil.

Fraser fir from North Carolina farms which is seven foot will cost $115. You can buy the wreath and red leafed plant for $50 and $25 respectively.

How to order 7-foot Christmas tree from Amazon?

7-Foot Christmas tree, garlands, wreath, red leaf plant, and some other Christmas decorative items will go on sale from November. With Amazon pre-orders, people can even choose a delivery date.

How Amazon delivers 7-foot Christmas tree?

The packing and the shipping process will go through the similar process as that of all other Amazon products. The 7-foot Christmas tree will be shipped without water placing it in a normal Amazon box.
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Amazon said that they will make sure to deliver the 7-foot Christmas tree within 10 days or even sooner after being cut out.

Some of the prime users will be eligible for free shipping and fast delivery.