Today’s tech news: Honor aims to be in top 3 phone manufacturers by 2022

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The Chinese smartphone manufacture Honor is a sub-brand of Huawei. It aims to be in the top 3 mobile manufacturers by making inroads with the company’s first 5G enabled smartphone

In the world INS conference held in Beijing, Honor president Mr. George Zhao has said that the company is manufacturing the Honor 5G which will be the company’s first 5G phone.

Honor will launch their 5G phone in the year 2019. Except for the year of release, the company didn’t disclose any information about the 5G mobile.
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Mr. Zhao went on to say that the company is aiming to be among the top 5 and top 3 mobile manufacturers in the world by 2020 and 2022 respectively.

Due to affordable prices when compared with peers like Samsung and Apple, Honor smartphones can be seen largely in the US. According to Gadgets now, Samsung, Apple, and Huawei are the current top 3 phone manufacturers.

It would be interesting to see Honor is going to replace which company. If it can replace either Samsung or Apple, then Both Huawei and its sub-brand will make into the top 3 mobile manufacturer lists.

Is Honor alone launching 5G mobile in the year 2019?

There is absolutely no surprise if anyone term the year 2019 as the year of 5G mobiles. Companies like Samsung, LG, Lenovo and Huawei are planning to release the 5G handset in the year 2019.
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Due to sheer competition in the Mobile market, one can expect even the other smartphone manufacturers to release their 5G smartphone.

Honor can launch their 5G smartphone in the first quarter of next year. The services might be limited to certain countries where there is an access to 5G. China, S.Korea, and the US might be the countries where people can have hands-on experience with 5G handsets and network.

Mr. Zhao concluded by saying “The company will focus and continue working on development and research on Artificial Intelligence”.