Today’s Tech News: Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 in three different variants


The Samsung Galaxy S10 to be Samsung’s best smart phone with an in-screen based finger print sensor. The organization will choose Qualcomm’s third generation in-screen unique finger impression sensor.

But, Samsung may not totally dispose of the back mounted unique mark sensor on its next upcoming models.

Samsung changed the unique mark sensor to the back with the Galaxy S8. The place it has been as far back as on its leader cell phones.

The all-new sensor to accompany the ability to precisely work through glasses that are as thick as 800 microns. This is a critical change over the original of Qualcomm’s ultrasound sensor which could just work 300-micron thick glass.

The Korean tech giant won’t reveal the Samsung Galaxy S10 until one year from now.

Samsung is trying the Galaxy S10 with a back mounted unique mark sensor too. In the event that that is exact, it could propose that no less than one of three expected models Galaxy S 10 lite, Galaxy S 10, Galaxy S 10 plus.

Moreover, each smartphone will include a different display size: 5.8-inches on lite, 6.1-inches on the regular Galaxy S10, and 6.4-inches on the Plus

However, the three models are relied upon to include one section level Galaxy S10. With bringing down specs on more moderate price. The specific model could be the one which doesn’t get the show based unique fingerprint sensor.