Today’s health tip: How to Protect Scalp from Hair Coloring Agents?

areflect hair coloring agents

Disadvantages of Hair Coloring Agents

Hair coloring agents are harmful to the scalp, coloring agents contains chemical causing irritation to the skin.

Moreover, manufacturers develop coloring agents with complication to attain color for longer period of time. These results in losing elasticity in hair.

Use natural color hair dyes like Henna related products which protects your skin from chemical free.

The main cause of allergies caused by substance called paraphenylenediamine or PPD. These chemicals included heavily in bleaching products

However, the most common symptoms include itchy scalp, redness and swelling in the scalp, mild dandruff, swelling around the eyes and eyelids, and scaly skin around eyes, nose and face.

But, much higher exposure to hair colors, are more prone to getting skin allergies and contract asthma.