Today’s tech news: Next Generation XBOX consoles with Cloud Gaming

areflect cloud-based XBOX

Microsoft partnered with AMD in developing the future gaming cloud-based XBOX devices. The organization accompanied to provide hardware components for upcoming gaming consoles.

Cloud Based XBOX consoles

The company Microsoft announced a launch cloud-based XBOX devices in two different variants which includes standard hardware for normal users. With light weight and cloud-based gaming. Some information moving around in heads of its users that next- gen console machine built on scarlet cloud version.

As devices compatible with low-power and a moderate amount of computing power for specific game based tasks like controller input, image processing, and collision detection applied in the cloud.

“We’re partnered with them in game consoles,” says Dr. Su AMD CEO, “I think we have a vision of where cloud computing is going and we’re working closely with them.”


With cloud-based XBOX technology the game functions in two locations on the same time in home and augmented in the cloud. At certain level they must be brought together, but this rumour isn’t genuine then AMD must work tremendously on the cloud-based XBOX devices hardware to provide a fascinating experience.

“I really think the interesting thing about semiconductors. We’re making decisions now that you won’t see the outcome for 3, 4, 5 years,” says Dr. Su. “I love the fact we’re trying to predict the future and hopefully we make some good decisions.”

With less top of the line equipment required in your home PC, and more done in the cloud. We could see serious GPU work  transfer into the system.

However, the fact that your home machine may be less expensive. You may wind up paying a membership to approach those cloud applications. The gaming PC value display, even the Windows OS value demonstrate, could change totally.

Moreover, there is also a rumor about PS5 announcing in 2019. Featuring AMD Zen architecture, although it might be far-fetched since there is nothing official confirmed so far.