Health News Today: Reduce depression and anxiety by yourself without medication

areflect Cold water swimming

Depression in different aspects of life became concern in each and every person treated with cold water swimming. But the illness believed with more daunting towards bad thoughts addicted to the substances related to psychological effects.

To overcome depression you need to have some physical activity which makes better and boost confident levels. A recent study reveals that people swimming in cold waters can recover from depression to normal and happier life by giving up medication.

The television doctor Chris van Tulleken, of University College London with his two other colleagues from University of Portsmouth. The team has emphasized a case where woman diagnosed her depression with open cold water swimming immediately lead to a better changes in life. After several weeks of cold water swimming made her to stop medicine permanently and gradually symptoms of depression vanished. Within two years now she is drug free and still continuing the open water swimming.

Cold water therapy for depression

Cold water swimming reduces stress together with the inflammation and mental health problems this phenomenon known as cross adoption or cold water therapy.

A 24 year old Sarah with major depressive disorder and anxiety, for which she had been on medication since she was 17. When she became a mother, determined to try and find a way of living without symptoms or drugs.

Swimming in cold water helps physiological and hormonal reactions to manage with a wide range of potential threats. Moreover, Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate all increase and stress hormones released. But if you immerse yourself only a few times in water of 15C or less, this stress response is reduced.

However, people with depression get exposure to cold water in the form of a shower bath. Patients can start a shower at a comfortable warm temperature. Slowly cool down the water and stay for 2 to 3 minutes.