Today’s tech news: The journey of Apple iPhone 2007-present

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Apple has reached the $1 million mark and it is the first ever company to do so. Thanks to the Apple’s iPhone due to which the company has seen an impeccable growth which made the company reach the unimaginable mark.

Every year the company will launch at least on the iPhone. This year is no different and the company has launched 3 new Phones in 2018. Let’s rewind the journey of Apple since the launch of its first Phone in the year 2007.

  1. iPhone 2007 Price: $499 to $599

Apple launched the first iPhone in the year 2007. The original Phone came with no GPS, no third party apps and no video recording. This was the beginning of the Apple and Steve Jobs said: “Apple Is going to reinvent the phone”. He was precise with his statement and one can clearly see where the iPhone stands now.
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  1. iPhone 3G 2008 PRICE: $199 TO $299

In the year 2008, Apple has launched a successor to its previous version and called it as iPhone 3G.
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3G was the top internet speed at that time. So Apple nailed the mobile industry by launching both 3G phone and App store Apple.

  1. iPhone 3GS 2009 Price: $199 to $299

In the year 2009, Apple motive was speed. Eventually, it launched the iPhone 3GS in which ‘S’ stands for speed. Apple has started a tradition of adding ‘S’ with this mobile.

The major update was the voice control. SIRI wasn’t its name though.
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  1. iPhone 4 2010 Price: $199 to $299

So 2010 was the year for Apple to upgrade size, looks, and camera quality. The new iPhone came with a 3.5-inch screen and the first iPhone to have a front camera.
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  1. iPhone 4S 2011 price: $199 to $399

Eventually, 2011 year marked the beginning of SIRI. Apple has continued the trend of adding the character ‘S’ with some minor updates. The Megapixels of the camera was increased to 8.
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  1. iPhone 5 2012 price: $199 to $399

When compared to its older versions, iPhone 5 can be considered as the major update. The phone weighed less even after it was given aluminum casing and came with large display size. The update can be seen to have some extra rows and it marked the beginning of the Apple maps.
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  1. iPhone 5C and 5S 2013

5C price: $99 to $199

5S price: $199 to $399

Unlike the trend of launching one iPhone at a time, it has decided to launch 2 phones every year in the month of September.

Apple has started the trend by launching 5C and 5S.

The cost of 5C is less compared to other iPhones as it uses the plastic material for the body. It uses IOS 7 which helps in multitasking. It has introduced the control center which allowed users to have an easy access to settings.

With iPhone 5S, Apple has given birth to Touch ID and a 64-bit A7 processor. it used a translucent menu with bright icons which can be seen even in today’s iPhone.
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  1. iPhone 6 and 6 plus 2014

6 Price: $199 to $399

6 plus price: $299 to $499

iPhone 6 comes with 4.7 inches of display and the screen resolution was improved. The camera was drastically improved and it added some features like NFC for apple pay etc.
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The difference between the iPhone 6 and 6 plus is the screen size. 6 plus has an enormous 5.5-inch screen.

  1. iPhone 6S 2015

6S price: $649 to $849

Apple has released the 6S phone in the year 2015. There is not much of a difference between 6S and 6. Apple has slightly increased the 6S phone. Apart from that, the notable changes are force touch.
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  1. iPhone SE and 7 2016

SE price: $399 to $499

7 price: $649 to $849

In the year 2016, Apple has launched two phones SE and 7.

iPhone SE was surprisingly having the low screen size almost that of iPhone 5. Even though it was available for low cost when compared with the other iPhones, it wasn’t a hit.

iPhone 7 was waterproof.  The phone got a superior design and was having a neck to neck battle with Samsung’s Galaxy S7.

  1. iPhone X 2017 Price: $999 to $1149

Perhaps iPhone X was the best phone to date. The camera got a reasonably good update. Face ID is a huge plus. The design was extraordinary.
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  1. iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max.

Apple has unveiled three of its new Phones termed as iPhone XR, XS, and XS max. these phones are based on the latest iOS 12.

XS starts at $ 749, XR starts at $999 and XS Max starts at $1099.  They are available in 4 variants (64 GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB) based on internal memory.
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