Health news today: Canada Bans Trans fat Foods in Restaurants, Export and Import too

areflect Trans fat

After federal government announced, the Canada banned artificial trans-fat from this week. The ban came into effect for using hydrogenated oils in packaged foods and applied on all restaurants and also foods from export and import.

These harmful oils used in preparing foods to preserve for longer time and mostly preferred in baking and frying. Consuming trans-fat turns the good cholesterol into bad cholesterol linked clogs in the arteries with severe cardiac deaths across Canada.

Difference between Natural fat & Artificial fat

The most well-known natural trans-fat is linoleic acid (CLA). Believed to be beneficial by many and often consumed as a supplement. It is extremely healthy and linked to a reduced risk of heart disease. Natural trans-fats found in some animal products and are not harmful.

Moreover, natural fats created by pumping hydrogen molecules into vegetable oils. This changes the chemical structure of the oil, turning it from a liquid into a solid.

The oils used in making bakery foods like pastries, French fries increase the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). These artificial fats known as hydrogenated fats. Although, components added in foods to make tastier and attract customers. But it causes adverse effects to the health. Due to the reason United States have banned trans-fat usage in 2015.

“This is a very important milestone in nutrition policy in Canada,” said Manuel Arango, Director of Health Policy and Advocacy at the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada. “This means that industry will no longer be able to manufacture or use partially hydrogenated oils that create artificial trans-fats in the food supply,” he added.

Meanwhile, the intake of dangerous fats have dropped down among people. Even after the ban there is no assurance that all products not containing the trans- fat. However, they might be present in products, customers have to look after the ingredients charts on the product before buying at stores.