Today’s tech news: How to backup and update iPhone to iOS12?

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Good news to all iPhone, iPod and iPad users as you can update your iPhone and can have access to iOS12. You don’t need to buy the new fancy and costly iPhone XS or XS Max or XR. Instead of that, you can simply update your iPhone to ios12.

On September 17, 2018, i.e., on Monday, Apple will release a free update of an ios12 operating system to all its users.

What all things to do before updating to ios12?

An Apple user should make sure that he follows the below-mentioned steps. So that he or she won’t lose their data and update the software in a right way.

  1. Uninstall the Apps that you won’t use

As there are many Apps in the store, with curiosity we install many Apps. We use that App for quite a period and after that, we don’t even open it. We forget to uninstall those apps which consume a lot of memory. So as the first and basic step, go through all such Apps and uninstall them.
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  1. Back up your memory

There will be a lot of memory in each and every one’s mobile. Whether it might be photos, videos or files, they are precious. So to avoid loss of your memory, the better way is to back up.
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You can use either Google photos or Apple’s iCloud photo library to save your images and videos.  Depending upon your usage, iCloud photo library may charge you on a monthly basis whereas Google photos are absolutely for free.

This might help you if something goes wrong while updating to ios12.

  1. Clean up unwanted memory

To clear all the unwanted memory in your iPhone, follow the simple steps as mentioned. Firstly open up the settings, click on general and then iPhone storage. As soon as you click on iPhone storage, it will get populated. After that, clear the unwanted memory.
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  1. Back up your iPhone

So this will be your final step before updating your mobile to ios12 software. To back up your iPhone, follow these simple things. When you open up settings, you can find your name at the top. Simply click on that name. Now check out for iCloud and click on that, click on iCloud backup and then back up now. This will help you to back up your device.

How to update your device to ios12?

There are two ways to update your iPhone to ios12.

  1. Over the Air

First things first, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network to update your iPhone through over the air process. Click on settings and then click on general. After doing so, you can find an option for a software update. Click on a software update which will update your phone’s software to ios12.
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  1. Update to ios12 with the help of iTunes

To update to ios12 with the help of iTunes, make sure you are using the updated version of iTunes. Connect your device with the iTunes and search for iPhone or iPod option which is available at the top left side. After that click on check for update and then click download and update. Follow the instructions; accept terms and conditions and then your phone will be automatically updated.