Scientists have found Great white sharks mysterious Lair

areflect Great white sharks
Source: Daily Express

At last the scientists have found the white shark café. Scientists from Stanford University and the Monterey Bay Aquarium have discovered some amazing facts about why every year lots of great white sharks swim all the way and disappear at shark café for months.

The so-called shark café is present in the mid of Pacific Ocean between the coasts of Mexico and California. The reason (either food or sex) for sharks spending months off time is yet to be finalized.

Why great white sharks disappear at shark café?

The shark café is filled with hundreds of thousands of tiny water creatures like fish and squid. So this might be the primary reason why great white sharks travel from the long distance before settling down in the shark café for months during the winter.

According to Jorgensen, the other possible reason might be mating. Scientists have also discovered the movements of sharks depending upon their gender.

Male sharks moved up and down the water in a V shape for almost 140 times in a day. Whereas the female shark’s movement, when compared to male sharks, was different. Female great white shark used to dive in between 1500 to 3000 feet during the daytime and at nights up to 650 meters.

Scientists believe that they can find some clues which help us to tackle the weather changes.

What makes Great white sharks unique among all species of sharks?

Great white sharks are one of the species of mackerel sharks. The other species are Blue sharks and Mako sharks.
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Great White sharks are famous for their size and are almost 11 to 21 feet in size. When compared with male sharks, female sharks are bigger in length. They weigh around 1900 kilograms. One can find them in the coastal waters of almost all oceans. Estimated lifespan is 70 years or longer than that. They can swim up to 3900 feet depths at a speed of 55 Kmph.