Health news today: Get Long Lasting Hair Growth With Synthetic Sandal Wood

areflect synthetic sandalwood

A study determines that prolonging hair growth in humans by applying a synthetic sandalwood material on scalp.

Researchers from university of Manchester conducted experiment with synthetic sandalwood material and human skin samples. The study author Ralf Paus identified skin receptors known as OR2AT4 responding to a chemical compounds present in synthetic sandalwood. Keratinocytes improved their growth when sandalwood applied. It heals the skin and improves the hair growth.

They tested more number of skin samples obtained from facility center. Soaking in synthetic sandal wood for six days turned into hair follicles. Hair follicle possessed a high rate of growth by blocking the receptors. Even researchers feel unbelievable that applying synthetic sandalwood might also stimulate new hair growth.

“It’s important to know that is a synthetic sandalwood product, not natural sandalwood. Real sandalwood wouldn’t stimulate hair growth. Since it does not bind to OR2AT4.”  Said Ralf Paus

The development of hair follicles include three stages. In the first stage, hair starts to grow due to stimulation of the root. Hair growth a process in which follicle cells converted into hair. In the second stage, cells in the follicle stop converting into hair. In the third stage, the hair ejected and the follicle goes into a rest period. For normal hair growth, process repeated over and over. The work by the researchers showed that the first stage made to last longer by applying sandalwood.

They also announced more clinical trials to determine that synthetic sandalwood cream applied to the scalp cures the baldness.