Today’s health tip: List of Foods Improve Breast Milk in Feeding Mothers

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Foods to increase breast milk

Drinking water properly is essential to improve breast milk production, so remember to drink plenty of water spread evenly throughout the day.

Cow milk naturally filled with folic acid, calcium and healthy fats, helps with milk production. But ensures the milk nutritionally balanced to your baby.

Barley is the richest dietary source of beta-glucan. A polysaccharide shown to increase breastfeeding hormone Prolactin.

Oats are likely the most well-known breast milk makers. It is rich in fiber which has a positive effect on your digestive system

Fenugreek seeds used for generations across the world to increase milk production in mothers. Although, it is rich in omega-3 fats which is important for your baby’s brain development.

Fennel seeds increase milk used to reduce gas and colic. However, the benefits of the seeds will pass on to the baby through the mother feeding milk.

Garlic produces heat in body which increase the production of milk. Moreover, it will affect the taste and smell of the breast milk. Must consume in moderation.

Unripe Papaya used as a natural sedative, considered one of the best fruits to increase milk in mothers.