Today’s tech news: Sony Play Station Classic to include 20 Retro Games only for $100

areflect Sony Play Station

Sony is well-known and considered to be one of the best company when we talk about hardware manufacturing. The quality of its products is solid, with sound design and innovative trends.

Sony never fails to amuse the market and its customers. Now yet again Sony has shocked everyone with the news of the release of its Play Station Classic, that includes 20 retro games pre-loaded. The company announced about the news today.

Sony Play Station Classic will be similar to the Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Consoles. It will come pre-loaded with 20 “genre-defining” games, including Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, and Ridge Racer Type 4. Sony announced its Play Station Classic to be launched globally on December 3rd.

What all we get along with Sony play station?

It is a great news for all the gamers especially teens. Since Sony has launched various products successfully that has been used and praised by the people all over the world.

Since the new Play Station Classic consists of 20 Retro games of all genres, the gamers will have a great time while playing these games.

The customers will get a mini-PlayStation. In addition to this, the buyers will also get two classic PS1 controllers for the games that support local multiplayer when customers purchase the complete bundle.

Sony has yet not released any list regarding the games. But the press release confirms two other titles: Jumping Flash and Wild Arms. The full list will be released soon and gamers will get know about the complete details regarding the games and all the genres.
We all know the importance of money, and when it comes to playing our favorite games, we sometimes overlook the budget and pay the extra amount for the product that does not even deserve that amount.

But with this product, you do not have to worry anything about the price. Play Station Classic comes in the reasonable range that can fit anyone’s budget plan. It only costs $ 100 which can be easily affordable by any common person also.
Sony has a variety of products. With the launch of its Play station Classic, it has increased craze in the crowd. the play station comes with 20 retro games preloaded into it. The gamers are more excited and are eagerly waiting for the global launch of this product.
Source: Cnet

Sony has always been a customer satisfying company and yet another time it has come up with this great idea of Play Station Classic. It comes only for $100 and is pre-loaded with 20 Retro games to give ease to its customers. This is creating much hype and excitement in the market.

All the Sony products are indeed working great in the market whether we talk about software or hardware. But the company is especially known for its best quality hardware products. Sony has announced the release of Play Station Classic to be done globally on December 3rd. The product will soon take over the market by the flood. so get ready to buy the consoles if you are a gamer.