Today’s tech news: Top Google search engine alternatives

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We are in an era, where there is no privacy at all. Whether it might be your photos or search history or personal information, everything is stolen. In a digital inclined era, the websites are using cookie-based technology, which helps them to track your search history and place real-time advertisements according to your search history. privacy has been a huge concern while using the Google search engine.

Whenever you are about to open a certain website, there is a pop up which reads “we are using cookies to place better and relevant advertisements”. The website asks for our permission whether to accept or not. Some websites are not even providing us with an option of declining it. So if you want to switch over from Google search engine to any other search engine then we have provided with some of the best alternatives for Google search engine.

Google search engine alternatives

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Perhaps Mozilla Firefox is currently the safest and the fastest search engine available in the market. The major benefit is unlike the Google when you browse in private mode there is an option to ‘forget’ the browsing session happened.

Source: Windows Report
  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has recently claimed that Microsoft Edge is more secure than internet explorer. To browse in private, one can simply do it by pressing ctrl + shift + p.
Source: Google Play
  1. Start Page

The start page is generally a proxy which helps us to browse through Google safely. Whatever we search, start page on its own resolve our queries on Google and shares the search results with us.
Source: YouTube
  1. Tor Browser

Tor browser helps you to enhance and protect your privacy by not revealing your location or your search results. It does that by bouncing communication over a group of computers across the world.

Google tracks almost each and every location you travel and nowadays by using the cookie-based technology, it is using to place relevant advertisements. It is the high time to switch from google search engine in case if you want to protect your privacy.