Health news today: Sandalwood perfume could cure your baldness

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Source: Deccan Chronicle

Regardless of the age and sex, the major problem that many of us are facing is hair loss. Hair loss leads to baldness. There might be a lot of reasons which leads to hair loss.

Till date researchers and doctors have come up with many solutions but none of them actually worked. Now researchers came up with the unique solution of treating baldness with perfume that has Mysore sandal essence.

How Does Sandalwood help to cure baldness?

Researchers claim that in a span of 6 days, chemicals used in perfumes can result in hair growth.

A chemical called as Sandalore is used in perfumes and soaps. Scientists have further said that the chemical Sandalore releases a receptor 0R2AT4 in the outer layer of hair follicles.

Source: Manchikoni

As of nose, even hair follicles have the smell receptors which will be activated by a few deodorants. So when we apply the synthetic sandalwood to our scalps, it reduces the cell death and thereby increasing the hair growth.

Professor and senior researcher Ralf Paus, in an interview with a publication, has said that “It is the first time ever that the regrowth of the hair which is the tiniest of all human organs can be reproduced with a deodorant that we use in our day to day life”.

How researchers came to conclusion?

Sandalwood is used for various benefits like healing wounds etc. Olfactory receptors are present in our body whether it may be skin our hair. So researchers have targeted these olfactory receptors for hair growth.
Source: Daily mail

Researchers have tested the Sandalore on the sample of the human scalp and they found an unimaginable result. They have found that it stimulated IGF-1 which is considered as a hair growth factor when the chemical Sandalore binds with the olfactory receptors. Further, the researchers concluded that when they had silenced the OR2AT4, the hair follicles have died quickly.