Today’s tech news: Amazon products launched in the Seattle event

areflect Amazon products
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Amazon has held an event in Seattle on Thursday i.e., 20th September 2018. As a part of its September event, the E-commerce giant Amazon has launched various products ranging from Hardware to Software.

Amazon basics microwave and a car gadget have stood out among all the products it launched. Let us take a sneak peek into all the products it launched in the yesterday’s event.

What all products did Amazon launched in the September event?

Echo dot:

David Limp, who is the current senior vice president of devices and services has totted Echo dot as the bestselling device.
Source: TechCrunch

The all new echo dot comes for the same price of $50. The design of echo dot is a little bit modified and the sound is 70% louder than its older version. So if you wish to buy one, then hurry up as preorders for Amazon echo dot has started. Though the preorder has started today, shipping will take place in the next month.

Echo plus:

The Amazon Echo plus has also got newer looks. The product is priced at $230 and has an improved look and good design.
Source: Deccan Chronicle

The echo show is upgraded HD display size of 10 inches and has dual side firing speakers. It has an 8 microphone array. The preorders for the same will begin from 20th September whereas the shipping for the same will start in October.

Amazon Basics Microwave:

Probably Amazon basics microwave is the best out of all products launched. It is incorporated with Alexa technology. It works on the voice commands. So all you need to do is just yelling at the microwave. You can buy Amazon basic microwave just for $60 and the shipping for the same starts from next year.
Source: SlashGear

Echo Auto:

So this is the car gadget that we were talking about. The price of Echo Auto is $50 but the early invite price is half of the original price i.e., $25. You can ask to echo auto anything like where is the nearest movie theater etc. it will also help you with navigations using Google map, Apple map, and Waze. Shipping of this device starts from the next year.
Source: 9to5Toys

The other devices that Amazon released in the Seattle event include

  1. Smart plug (cost: $25)
  2. Amazon echo input (cost: $35)
  3. Echo sub (cost: $130)
  4. Amazon Echo link Amp and Echo link (cost: $300 and $200 respectively)
  5. Echo wall clock (cost: $30)
  6. Ring stick UP cam (cost: $180)
  7. Echo show (cost: $230)
  8. Amazon fire TV recast (cost: $230)

Alexa upgrades:

Alexa is updated with whisper mode. So if you whisper with Alexa, it can understand and will reply by whispering. This whispering mode is especially helpful while anyone is asleep in your home.
Source: Essential Install

A new feature called hunches is a special addition to Alexa. This feature helps to combine 3 to 4 commands into a single one. For example, if you have interlinked shutting of your door and switching off the lights with good night, then whenever you say goodnight to Alexa, it will check whether all lights in the room are switched off or not and also check whether the main door is closed or not.

This reduces our work effect of not repeating the same commands daily.