Today’s tech news: Fortnite blamed for divorces hits 15 million downloads

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Gaming is one of the dangerous addiction in the world. We have heard news about people killing themselves just for clearing tasks in the Blue whale. Whereas some people have fallen down in rivers in an eager to catch the Pokémon’s all over the world. But for a different reason and cause, Fortnite is hitting the news channels.

According to which is a UK based site, Fortnite was the major reason for 200 couples who divorced. The female partners went on to say that their husbands didn’t use to spend time with them and were always busy on their mobiles playing the online game Fortnite.

Source: The Indian Express

A certain group has even asking people to sign on a petition to remove the game from the play store such that it can help them to stay happier with their partners. That’s how the Fortnite is affecting the couples in the UK.

Everything you need to know about Fortnite:

Fortnite is developed in 2017 by Epic games. It is an online game where a gamer can mingle up with all other gamers across the world making it more exciting. It is available on all the platforms such as Google’s play store etc

Fortnite has touched the 15 million milestone within just three weeks after uploading the game in the play store. This game is so addictive that it is causing the divorces too.
Source: Recode

There are 23 million gamers who use Fortnite’s Android beta program and 15 million gamers have installed the APK file. The stats itself suggesting how popular the game is across the world. Whereas its arch-rival in gaming PUBG has reached 4.5 million downloads on the play store.

In this game, the player can mingle up with other 99 members. The player who will be the last one standing will get rewarded. In short, this is a game where a person should join a team and fight with enemies to survive and get rewarded for the same.