Today’s tech news: iPhone XS and XS max sale in various countries

areflect iPhone XS and XS max
Source: CNet

We all know that Apple has launched iPhone XS and XS max a week before. The phones have rolled out in the stores and the fans of Apple iPhone’s queued up to buy their fancy mobile. When compared with the last year crowd for iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS max haven’t seen huge buyers on day 1 even though it has attracted a lot of fans.

So let’s have a quick look of how Apple iPhone has fared in stores of different countries across the world.

The first buyers of iPhone XS and XS max

iPhone XS and XS max have drawn quite a good number of crowd in the George Street of Sydney where the apple store is present. The huge crowd has seen students, YouTubers, and some fancy Apple buyers to have hands-on experience on their loved mobile.

Whereas some of the YouTubers have brought the iPhone XS and XS max to make a video on unboxing and the review on phone. So that they can upload it on their channel where a lot of their viewers can see the video.

Among the buyers, Mazen Kourouche who is a YouTuber and South Korean student Teddy Lee are the first ones to come out of the Apple store present in Sydney with an all branded new iPhone XS. Kourouche has brought all the three new devices including iPhone XS, XS max and Apple watch series 4.

Apple sales have gone live across Singapore, Madrid, London, New York, Mexico City, and San Francisco.

Who was the winner among iPhone XS and XS max?

The price of iPhone XS and XS max stands at $999 and $1099 respectively. iPhone XS is upgraded with just some additional features than iPhone XS.
Source: Cult of Mac

Whereas the iPhone XS max has come with a large screen and upgraded battery life. So depending upon the individual requirements, both phones have fared equally. But due to extra battery life and screen, iPhone XS max stood out on top.