Top 4 Unforgettable Characters in Street Fighter V Game



We are all familiar with “Street Fighter 5 ” game and now let’s talk about the characters to know about their skills and abilities. Now let us see the four outstanding characters that are unforgettable in Street Fighter 5 game.

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Ryu is good at keeping his opponents at a distance, close combats and pressing the offense. He is an all-rounder performer and good at everything. In Season 2 Ryu’s offense was weak along with the change of his Shoryuken.


V-Skill: Mind’s Eye

Ryu has the correct timing to catch his opponent’s attack and brush it off.

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V-Trigger: Denjin Renki

Once the V-Trigger gauge is full, Ryu’s Denjin Renki powers him up, and generate ultimate combos. Ryu gains the ability to charge his fireballs by holding the punch button down while using them.

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Special Moves

Hadouken: He heaves a fireball from his bare hands.

Shoryuken: He raises his uppercut to use the anti-air attack.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: He spins in a circle and travels across the screen and passes through fireballs.


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Ken is an offense-oriented variant of Ryu. In Street Fighter 5 his role is different compared to his rival. His moves are changed fundamentally as per the requirement of the game. His attacks were strong and tricky. The air hurricane kicks create a confusion for the opponent.


V-Skill: Quick Step

Ken dashes his opponents within a short moment. His moves executed directly out of this dash which creates a surprise for your opponent.

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V-Trigger: Heat Rush

Ken moves are polished with his light punch uppercut strangely hard to punish, and his spinning kick is more deadly compared to other characters.

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Special Moves

Hadouken: Ken cast a fireball from his hands, and the speed controlled by the punch button.

Shoryuken: Ken’s strong uppercuts leave more attack and it damages the opponent.

Critical Art: Ken forwards with speed kicks if the opponent tries to defend it may lead to a significant amount of damage.


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Guile is simple to pick for a road to mastery. He is an expert in sonic booms, long range attacks, and somersault kick. If the opponent tries to jump, then his somersault kick is waiting. In Street Fighter 5 his playing style remains the same with additional attack oriented features.


V-Skill: Sonic Blade

Guile performs sonic boom to power up his energy, and later it turns into a sonic cross. His V-Skill used for both defensive or offensive, either a stationary trap for incoming threats.

Source: Street Fighter Wiki – fandom

V-Trigger: Solid Puncher

Guile power up his wrists using mystical sonic aura to fire sonic booms. He can perform multiple sonic booms in a row if his V-Trigger is in charge.

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Special Moves

Sonic Boom: Guile’s iconic move- he casts a circular shell on his opponents.

Somersault Kick: Guile’s twirling kick towards the skies and it is uppercut function.

Faultness Move: Guile moves slowly towards his opponents and maintains a downward charge. If he founds bait, then he attacks his opponent to defeat.


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Chun-Li is an expert in superlative long-range kicks, and her punches make her undisputed queen of poker game. Chun-Li is an aggressive player with her powerful V-Trigger and V-Skill.


V-Skill: Rankyaku

Chun-Li jumps low and forward at a 45-degree angle compared to the standard jump.

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V-Trigger: Renkiko

Chun-Li’s special moves and normal attacks burnished in this mode. Two hits or more than that may damage or stun the opponent.

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Special Moves

In Street Fighter 5 game Chun-Li has unique moves and charge command moves.

Kikoken (Charge): Chun-Li uses heavy punches and damages the opponent’s health, while her light punches will won’t damage the opponent.

Spinning Bird Kick (Charge): Chun-Li turns upside down and spins like a helicopter, and she travels with more kicks if you hit the opponent.

Final Verdict

These are a few characters which we cannot forget while playing the Street Fighter 5 game. Especially their Special moves, V-Skill, and V-Trigger.

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