Health news today: Dangers of Epilepsy in new born with Photo therapy for Jaundice

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The pediatric care units providing photo therapy for new born babies treating jaundice linked risks of epilepsy. With new research findings the babies given unnecessary medications and rising concerns in the health industry.

Research conducted on the number of babies received photo therapy tests and adverse effects later. There are half million babies born in Kaiser Permanente Northern California health care system with an average of 8 years.  About 37,000 of the children had received photo therapy.

Among them 1.24 percent of them received the epilepsy diagnosis with antiepileptic drug prescription. Researchers found out the factors that linked to the seizers in new born babies. As photo therapy-exposed children had a 22 percent higher risk of experiencing these outcomes in the years following treatment. These effects only observed in boys.

“Phototherapy may have delayed adverse effects that should make us more cautious about using it,” said Thomas Newman, MD, MPH, professor emeritus of epidemiology and biostatistics and pediatrics, “and not use it in babies who don’t need it.”

How Photo therapy in New Born linked to Epilepsy?

Babies get infected with jaundice from the third or seventh day of their birth. The infection developed with bilirubin levels in the body. With the light therapy the babies absorb the rays from skin which lowers the amount bilirubin molecules into water soluble and vanished through excreta. After that the liver functions to digest their milk itself. These light therapies are more significant for jaundice diagnosis in new born babies to control the bilirubin levels.

Moreover, bilirubin a byproduct of break downed red blood cells, at higher levels it becomes toxic and damages the development of brain.

With better nutrition diet and time, infants can get rid of these issues. Although, the babies get treated by feeding mother’s milk which possess high calorie content.

Analyzed data shows that doctors must give medications only if the new born needs now. And not who need it later.