Today’s tech news: Apple Confirms to buy Shazam music recognition app

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In 2017, Apple announced the purchase of a discovery service Shazam for $400 million. The company revealed about the platform will soon go ad-free. Apple and Shazam had a long history. Shazam is one of the world’s popular music apps, used by millions of people worldwide. Shazam lets users identify songs simply by listening to music playing, and it offers experience ad-free for all users so everyone can enjoy.

History of Shazam

Shazam founded in 1999 and music recognition services are launched in the UK in 2002. At that time, users are dealing with the shortcode to recognize the music track. In October 2016, Shazam announced that Shazam app downloaded over 1 billion times around the world. People use this app each day. They use to interact, share, and discover the content across various mediums.


Apple Spokesperson About Shazam

An Apple spokesperson said, ” Apple Music and Shazam are natural fit, and passion for music discovery.” Both apps delivered great music experience to users. We look forward with Shazam on based on the agreement. It is not clear how Apple will assimilate with Shazam’s product and its services.  Majority of members have supported Apple’s judgment due to Shazam had billions of followers across the globe. In Spring, Apple Music has passed 50 million users and Spotify has 83 million users.  For extended growth, Apple has tied up with Shazam to take over the Spotify. In September 2017, Shazam reported $54 million in revenues in its 2016 fiscal year. In 2016, it made a statutory pre-tax loss of $5.3 million which is less compared to FY2015 it has made £16.6 million.

ShazamSource: TechSpot

How Shazam Helps Apple?

Shazam offers algorithmic propositions for songs and users can also see the Top 100 chart divided by country and their local city. Despite low revenues, Shazam helps Apple Music by improving the experience of the service.  If it does so, Apple Music gets 1 million clicks per day from Shazam. Apple shows interest in Shazam’s integrated technology, it improves their offerings. Shazam has visual recognition tech and AR platform for brands which helps to develop Google Lens-type and improve ARKit efforts.

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