Today’s tech news: Google offers travel planning tools to book hotel and air tickets

areflect travel planning

The tech giant Google extending its vision towards travel, to offer services in buying hotel and air tickets at affordable prices and to deliver travel planning tools.

Travelling tools helps you to make reservation in best times for upcoming Christmas vacation based on past years price tags. But, these tools now supporting only 25 limited routes. If you choose to travel in these routes, you can enjoy little more than ever and save dollars in pocket.

Within the same page it displays hotels generated using Google maps. You can book accommodation and even search the desired hotel. Google determines the best hotels by location score and summarizes the related data with landmarks, transportation links using Google maps. Moreover, a smart feature enables you how to reach destination with the direction from airport.

As Google includes the example of a traveler searching “Austin” who has already booked a hotel in that city. The results would then show things such as flight prices, weather and events. For the specific dates of the hotel booking and restaurants near the property.

From October, Google to launch travel plans organizer known as Your Trips. If the feature goes working, it tracks all the flight details tracking, hotels by analyzing the desired particular destination on one go these need to be saved. You can also customize trip between the specified weeks it shows the prices of flights, hotels and directions to the nearby popular sites.

By regular search on google for travel trips, the pages highlights the information with trip planning features like day plan, night plan, travel related content about the destination. Also includes the booking confirmations and additional information if you make reservations. These features are available worldwide from upcoming weeks.