Health news today: Top 6 Meditation Apps for Reducing Anxiety and better Sleep

areflect meditation apps

For meditation also there are lot of meditation apps, but today’s health news we are going known about top six.


This meditation app  is design for beginners who need direction, Headspace help you to take a few minutes each day to meditate, which increases focus, sleep etc. It had full of instruction with an appealing interface, which make great for meditation beginners.


Clam meditation app is made for a good night’s sleep. It offers extra sleep-related guidance by its Sleep Stories feature and playing calming music as you drift off. Calm has other features include breathing techniques, different types of settings like self-esteem and relationships, and also different session lengths to fit easily into your day.

10% Happier

From this meditation app you can get instruction from the best. 10% Happier have the best meditation experts, and bringing together respected instructors, specialists, and scientists to create courses that teach the basics.


Aura meditation app is the cheap price as comparing with all meditation apps. It always asks you how you’re feeling and then suggests a three-minute guided meditation to specifically cater to your attitude every day. And also include life coaching, storytelling, and music. You can track your mood. And also Aura community of users and teachers for groups support.

 Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

This meditation app is for kinds and also for whole family. While you’re meditating, the kids can get in some mindful exercises too using this app. And they learn how to gauge their own emotions, value calm, and focus on breathing. It’s like meditation app, but it Stop, Breathe & Think also for adults, that encourages journaling, gives daily inspiration, and talks back to you in a messaging format.

Mindfulness Daily

This app is for goal setters, if you want to clear goals, backed up by metrics and schedules, then download Mindfulness Daily. Every day having a morning intention, midday pause, and a nightly mindful reflection, making a daily routine easy to stick with. Set you reminders and timers to stay on track using this.