Health news today: CDC warns consumption of fast food increasing among Americans


The survey conducted by the center for control disease brought up an unbelievable information about Americans fast food consumption.

It found that among 85 million 1 in 3 across US consume fast food every day. Considered as the first study to undergo research on adults, and similar to adolescent and children fast food intake in a day.

Fast food refers to food that served ready to eat fast. Fast food and junk food are used interchangeably. Energy dense food with high sugar, fat, salt content and low nutrient value in terms of protein, fiber, vitamin and mineral content is termed junk food. Moreover, many of our children fond of such ready made food.

About 10,000 adult people examined in time span of 4 years. But they haven’t distinguish between men and woman. Although only families with higher income habituated to junk food than low income families. More than ethnic group’s blacks were on top in the list.

Outcomes of CDC Survey

Outcomes of the survey released on Wednesday with demographics representing the comparison from past and present based on factors age, race and income. Among People aged above 60 consuming 25% and 38% aged 40 to 60. However, the rate of consumption marked highest in adolescents aged 20 to 40 is 45%. The most consumption of fast food taken 44 percent as lunch, 42 percent dinner, 23 percent as breakfast and snacks.

According to races, Hispanic adults 35 percent, Non-Hispanic adults 30 percent. While black Hispanic adults consuming 42 percent and non- Hispanic white adults consuming 38 percent.

“This study informs you that over a third of U.S. adults and about 45 percent of young adults consume fast food in the U.S.,” Cheryl Fryar, a health statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics and author on the study,

More consumption of fast food and processed food like pastries are more prone to depression. Also foods containing Phthalates causes birth defects for fetus and reproductive issues in pregnant woman.