Today’s health tip: Reasons behind severe Eyebrow Twitching

areflect eyebrow twitching

Eyebrow twitching are involuntary muscle movements that happen in one or both eyelids.

Mild occurrences are very common, similar to the minor muscle spasms most people experience in their arms or legs.

Extreme cases with severe eye twitching that essentially forces the eye closed. In these cases, twitching may also branch out to other areas of the eye, including the eyebrows, mouth, and neck.

There are several causes for eyebrow twitching, tired eyes, too much caffeine, certain drug withdrawals, stress, irritation or dry eyes. However, the cause of most eyelid twitches remains unknown.

Excessive blinking of the eyes, involuntary muscle movement around eyes, Dryness of eyes, Light sensitivity, Tired eyes.

Mild cases of eyebrow twitching are isolated, and will go away on their own. Gently massaging the affected eyelid may help the muscle relax, and minimize the twitching. You may also want to use some eye drops in case dry eye is a contributing factor.