Health news today: Mysterious kidney disease attacking workers in Agricultural fields

areflect kidney disease

People working in agricultural fields infected with some mysterious kidney disease across the south Asia.

The kidney disease known as CKDu has become wide spread among workers in agriculture fields of Sri Lanka. Also detected in Middle East and South America. More amount of patients seen in Sri Lanka, there are about 16,479 and now increased to 20,828. These disease conditions increased only in the North Central Province (NCP) of Sri Lanka where the area considered as dry land. The area lacks fresh water drinking.

The reason behind the increase in rate of disease in people regarded as lack of drinking water. To resolve the issue the NCP has received support of National science foundation (NSF). The biologist, scientists from NSF have examined the localities of NCP and declared that water in the area contaminated from many other water sources.

Gradually Effecting Kidneys

The CKDu disease gradually damages the kidney in the body, by the time people seek medication the kidney get damaged to the extent. It is traditional disease like diabetes and blood pressure effecting people aged 40 to 60.  These type of disease symptoms only found in low socio-economic localities.

However, doctors claim that with improper drinking water and malnutrition considered as key factors causing the disease. The pump inlets placed at the bottoms of wells. When water levels are low, toxic chemicals may concentrate in the well bases and in the shallow water there.

Because the kidney disease occurs in specific geographic areas and the cause is likely related to multiple factors, an interdisciplinary approach is essential to discovering what’s behind CKDu. Until there are more answers, scientists say, provincial residents should obtain water from sources other than wells. In communities with alternative drinking water sources to bring CKDu rate signs going down. Moreover, people using these natural water sources have remained free of CKDu.