Health news today: People’s approach on buying food products influenced by labels


The activity of buying food products from the food store differs among the people, some prefer in reading the list of ingredients on the back and other just pick it up looking out price.

But, a survey reveals that purchase influenced by labels on products. The researchers from Michigan state university of food literacy has organized poll. Among 2,048 people 60 percent of them claimed decisions get changed on seeing the product information. Also varies depending upon social economic status.

Majority of customers attracted with certain necessitate words like “Natural” on food products

As 70% of people earning above $75000 per year to approach more with food labels. Moreover, the education levels in people will impact on paying attention to labels. 78% of graduates read the labels before buying, 50% with high school has affirmed the same. Most of them see and judge products labels containing with specific words. 65% of American look for products labelled with “Natural” while buying food. The survey reveals the most look out word on product is “low sodium”, “clean”. Half of the American prefer the products with term “organic” and others 36% of them for “gluten-free”, 45% of them for “Non-GMO/GMO free”.

“It’s notable that the most popular terms consumers search for on food labels are also the most ambiguous,” said Sheril Kirshenbaum, co-director of the MSU Food Literacy and Engagement Poll. “Natural doesn’t necessarily imply something is healthy. For example, arsenic occurs naturally, but we shouldn’t eat it.”

Moreover, the outcomes revealing with more additional survey as Fifty-nine percent of Americans always or sometimes purchase organic food. The most common reason is “organic food is healthier.” Fifty-one percent rarely never seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced. Fifty-two percent of consumers trust academic scientists for information about the health and safety of food. Forty-five percent trust government scientists and 30 percent trust industry scientists.

Although, FDA recommends customers to purchase food product by taking a glance on manufacturing and expiry dates on food products.