Today’s tech news: Microsoft identifies bug on ZIP files in Windows 10 2018 update

areflect windows 10

Microsoft clarifies that a bug identified on windows 10 with October 2018 update. The company’s spokesperson claimed that an issue related to ZIP files in some situations, providing advice to sort out the issue for now.

In blog, they have mentioned that if you copy or move files straight from a ZIP archive to a destination folder, if that folder already has existing files of the same name in it, you will not get a prompt asking if you want to overwrite those files. But the files weren’t over written.

It mentioned the ways you might find it difficult

  • Copying from a compressed (.zip) folder to a regular folder.
  • Moving from a compressed folder to a regular folder.
  • Copying from a compressed folder to a protected folder.

According to Microsoft, if you copy or move files from a ZIP without extracting them first, they might not be copied or moved correctly. You need to extract the file before copying to another folder, before moving them on to their destination to get the accurately without losing. Directly copying and pasting may result in deleting items that may not be recoverable. But still you can get more information here

If you lost data by deleting follow these steps

  • Restore files from the Recycle Bin
  • Open the Recycle Bin
  • Locate item
  • Right-click and select Restore

Microsoft is currently working on bug to fix and revert back with solution in early November. But the update stopped due to the deletion of another file bug. It has already sorted out this issue with the Windows 10 preview build a big update to arrive in 2019.