Today’s tech news:Order for food through Facebook Messenger

areflect Facebook Messenger

Now a Chatbot that allows customers to order meals through Facebook Messenger. And pay with DBS payment channels such as PayLah! was launched on Thursday. In a move that marks DBS Bank’s enter into the chat commerce space.

Foodster, it is attack to be the first such retail chatbot led by a South-east Asian bank. It has already trialed and adopted by seven food and beverage merchants in Marina Bay. Which include Gemstar, Kopi Ong, Local Coffee People, NUDE Seafood, Old Tea Hut and Omnivore. Two merchants lambaste to be coming on board soon are Kopitiam and Holey Moley.

Chat commerce also called as e-commerce using messaging platforms allows businesses to execute within platforms that already have a large and captive pool of users.

The Foodster solution developed by chatbot with specialist Every Botty. This was design with artificial intelligence or machine learning algorithms which allow it to become “smarter” with each transaction. And also with data tools and analytics, it allows merchants to implement targeted and personalised customer loyalty programmes on the platform.

DBS unveils chatbot for ordering

Jeremy Soo, head of consumer banking group at DBS Bank, said that consumers today are more likely to have “app fatigue”. And have become habitat to downloading new mobile apps.

And also he said “If instant messaging is the way forward for people to communicate, then we need to help businesses find a way to engage their customers on such platforms simply, seamlessly and invisibly”.

Benefits for merchants include allowing them to gain Facebook’s user base and being able to handle multiple orders at a time. While helping small and medium-sized enterprises  to modify easily and affordably.

Kopi Ong, which sells quick-serve beverages, was the first merchant to test the Foodster solution. According to the merchant, they have seen daily sales grow by 20 per cent without additional manpower or space required.