Today’s tech news: Samsung Galaxy S10 Details Tipped by Insiders

areflect Galaxy S10

Samsung is overhauling its line-up of premium phones like Galaxy S10 for next year. The company is preparing to launch its first 5G-capable smartphone.

The Suwon, South Korea-based Company is in talks with Verizon Communications to launch its Galaxy S10 in the US with a fifth-generation wireless chipset. The goal is to secure support from the biggest US carrier to popularize the technology. Which is designed to transfer data dozens of times faster than the fourth-generation networks in use now.

The people said that Samsung has embedded a fingerprint sensor under the display of its S10, overcoming years-long challenges of mass-producing such a device. The world’s biggest phone marketers will launch three versions of the flagship model. Including a more affordable version to appeal to the widest range of consumers.

Samsung already has making a cheaper “A” models. This move signals the company shares Apple’s concern over Chinese rivals such as Huawei Technologies Co. and Oppo. That continue to win customers by offering premium models at best prices. Samsung is also rushing to complete development of a Foldable device that it hopes will let it dominate a niche market with potential to grow.

Cliff Maldonado, an analyst at BayStreet Research in San Francisco said that. “If you think about how Samsung can differentiate itself and compete in this market, it’s with hardware. That’s what their forte is, and their foldable phone is about positioning and branding.”

Galaxy S10 detailed

The standard Galaxy S10, codenamed “Beyond,” features are an OLED screen curved on both sides, round-shaped corners and almost no bezel at the top and bottom. It will be about the same size as S9 model. The S10 has triple cameras on the rare while the front camera is visible and tucked under the screen. Samsung also plans a bigger “plus” version for next year said by Insiders.