Today’s tech news: Apple US$7 billion behind in royalty payments says Qualcomm

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Apple is $7 billion behind in patent royalty payments Qualcomm. Qualcomm for years supplied parts for its iPhones. Apple has arraign for Qualcomm of unfair patent licensing practices.

Qualcomm, in a statement made before a federal court in San Diego, has suggested that Apple it over $7 billion in unpaid dues for royalty payments. This statement comes as part of a long-standing legal dispute where Apple has leather Qualcomm for $1 billion charge with it of overcharging for patent royalties. Qualcomm had a significant number of patents related to cellular technologies used in smartphones, and Apple uses many of these technologies in its iPhone series.

Qualcomm claims unpaid royalty dues

The statement, which may only from Qualcomm’s point-of-view, a counterattack move meant to pin the blame in this issue on Apple and take away from the actual matter at hand. Given that Qualcomm and Apple are engaged in this legal dispute, many payments may also be on hold. Additionally, Apple has in recent years change away from depending on Qualcomm components and technologies. And has sourced components from other technology developers.

Qualcomm is been a leading provider of technologies to many other smartphone makers with most of the Android ecosystem relying on Qualcomm chipsets and technologies. The company  itself huge invested in the roll-out of 5G connectivity over the next few years. In this particular issue, Apple has said that Qualcomm has been overcharging it for royalties. While Qualcomm said that these royalty arrangements are entirely legal. With the legal issues for the last two years will have put on hold any payments due. This is likely why Qualcomm is suggesting total dues of over $7 billion.

This could force the matter to go on for much longer. And we will have to see what the courts say to help settle it once and for all.