Today’s tech news: 14 hours of battery life for Jaybird’s new Tarah Pro

areflect Tarah Pro

Instead of releasing all of Jaybird 2018 wireless sports headphones at the same time; it staggered their releases over the last few months. First release the X4, which retails for $130. Then come the Tarah, a more affordable model that costs $100. Now we get the $160 Tarah Pro, the last and priciest of the 2018 models.

They look pretty similar and all of them feature Jaybird’s new buds and fins that provide a more secure and comfortable fit. However, they do have their differences, and the Tarah Pro is clearly the best of the all. But an impressive 14 hours of battery life, magnets in the buds and a “no stick” fabric cord that’s reflective.

The Tarah Pro also sounds better than both the Tarah and X4. And also includes a superior USB charging dock that magnetically adheres to the inline remote and makes it very easy to connect. The step-down Tarah does not include a protective carrying pouch while this model does (the X4 does as well).

That Jaybird’s wireless earphones require a proprietary charging accessory is something of a nuisance. But the design allows for a very slim, lightweight inline remote that makes it less noticeable. Also, if you choose to wear the earphones with the cord wrapped around the top of your ear, with the cord cinched, the remote is contoured to sit against your neck. This model makes it easy to switch between over-the-ear and under-the-ear positions  you simply turn the bud while the ear tip and fin are in your ear.

Key specs of Jaybird’s new Tarah Pro

  • Sweat proof
  • IPX7 waterproof rating.
  • New buds and fins provide improved comfort and ergonomics.
  • Speed Cinch cord management system
  • 14 hours of battery life
  • Slim and light weight controller
  • “Non-stick sport cord” with reflective threads
  • 5-minute charge gives you two full hours of play time.
  • Magnetic Snap Lock feature automatically pauses your music when the ear buds are snapped together, securing them around your neck.
  • Customize bass and treble settings in Jaybird app.
  • Available in three color combinations (Black/Flash, Mineral Blue/Jade and Titanium/Glacier).