Today’s tech news: Block annoying cookie dialogs for Android with new Opera browser

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Opera was once one of the most popular browsers in the world, especially for mobile phones. Likes of Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari have taken over the industry since their launch. Opera is back with another update for its platform in order to claim to its position with the big guys and this new update brings a host of major changes in the Opera browser for Android.

November 6 onwards, the new Opera browser for Android smartphones and tablets will available on the Google Play Store. And users can able to use features such as a built-in cookie dialog blocker which removes the cookie alert dialogs that may appear when browsing a website. The daily browsing of people using the feature will help browser cleaner and neater with this feature, allowing them to focus on the content they are interested in.

When enabled by the user, the cookie alert blocker will hide dialogs, but will not block websites from setting any cookies. To control cookie behavior, the Opera browser has a dedicated setting that allows users to choose between accepting all or none cookies and blocking third-party cookies.

How to block cookie dialogs on Opera browser?

  • The cookie dialog blocker will present on in browser settings.
  • To configure the feature
  • Open into Settings
  • Click on “Ad blocking”
  • You will now find the click to block cookie dialogs, toggle it on.

The new release of Opera for Android also features with home screen shortcuts. Users with an Android 7.1 version or later can now perform a long tap on the Opera logo on the home screen of their phones and goes through the new home screen shortcuts. These shortcuts allow starting a new search, scanning a QR code or opening a new private tab. In addition, users are also able to long tap on the + new tab button and open a shortcut to a website on their device’s home screen.