HTC Vive Focus Now Available worldwide, Other Enterprise Focused Tools Also disclosed

areflect Vive Focus

HTC’s VR department announced the launch of its Vive Focus standalone VR headset in markets outside of China. The headset targeted towards the enterprise market targeting businesses of all sizes. In fact, the total portfolio of enterprise-focused premium VR products have been launched by the Taiwanese electronics giant in western markets. The company also announced the open source Vive Wave VR SDK and the Vive Sync, a new enterprise collaboration tool. With this the HTC Vive Focus will be available in 37 markets worldwide. And also a new Shadow VR has launched.

Vive Focus

The HTC Vive Focus was first launched in the Chinese market in November last year. And also told  by a March 2018 announcement at GDC 2018 that the standalone VR headset would come to global markets. Now, after a long wait the Vive Focus has arrived in the US and certain other international markets. This is the first 6DoF standalone VR headset to available commercially. The headset is currently priced at $599 in the US.

Its features are dual 3K AMOLED panels, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR platform, and interactive tracking. It also having 2880×1600 graphics with tethered, professional-grade VR system and a 110-degree field of view.

Vive Wave SDK

The SDK “offers an open interface, enabling interoperability between numerous mobile VR headsets and accessories, with Viveport as the universal distribution and storefront for all Vive Wave devices.”

Totally 15 hardware partners have already announced support for Vive Wave and are readying up Wave integration into their products.

Vive Sync

Vive Sync is a tool develop for virtual reality collaboration and meeting application. Developed specifically for enterprise customers, Vive Sync allows internal teams to meet in a virtual shared space. And allowing them to improve productivity by collaborating more frequently and intuitively.

Partners for Vive Sync are Qualcomm, Immersive Factory, Innoactive, Modal, Primitive, and SimForHealth.

Shadow VR

Shadow Creator has also joined Vive Wave as the hardware partner. The new Shadow VR, is an all-in-one VR HMD with support for 6DoF controllers. The Shadow VR comes with Snapdragon 835 mobile VR platform, Fresnel ultra-thin optical lens, a 2K HD display, a nine-axis gyroscope, ray tracing, and a button layout compatible with most VR headsets now a days.