Today’s tech news: Google’s Project Fi Now Comes With a VPN For Protection

areflect Project Fi

Google is getting its Project Fi VPN service to all of your connections. This can help to protect and secure all of your connections, though this is only for Project Fi users. Google said that “Amplify network also enables a fast, seamless connection by intelligently switching between WiFi and cellular”. Which is how Project Fi works, you will never notice a drop in coverage with Project Fi, because the switch is seamless. Now, when you connected to any of over 2 million WiFi hot spots across the US, Project Fi’s VPN technology will keep you secure.

Bringing this over to all of its users means that users are going to get more security and privacy, which is definitely important here. Google says that when you enable its enhanced network, all of your mobile and WiFi traffic going to be converted and securely sent through its virtual private network.

This conversion going to happen on every network that you connected to. So you won’t need to worry about using a free and unsecured WiFi network. Where your information could get copy, or others could see your online activity and that includes Google. The search giant touts that its VPN  designed so that traffic not tied to your Google account or phone number, as it should.

Connections With Project Fi’s VPN

This is also going to allow for faster connections, and switching absolutely. With this new enhanced network, you will never need reconnecting to the network. If you’ve ever left your home and walked outside to your car, then you know that there is a period of time where WiFi signal is either very low or non-existent. Before it picks up LTE signal from your wireless carrier. With this enhanced network, that is a thing of the past. Google touts that in its testing, it has reduced the time without a working connection by around 40percent.