Today’s health tip: Know more about Diabetic symptoms


World Diabetic Day, people with diabetes should protect themselves from blood sugars effecting their organs.  If you found any diabetic symptoms listed below prevent its earlier.

A condition known as prediabetes that often leads to type 2 diabetes also produces no symptoms in initial stage. But slowly symptoms develop.

Diabetes can come on abruptly and be accompanied by nausea, vomiting or stomach pains known as Type1.

Common Symptoms of diabetes

Frequent urination and thirst, Fatigue related to dehydration and eating problems can also be related to high blood sugars.

As the insulin in your blood is not working properly, and your cells are not getting their energy. You will become hungry.

This can be caused by tissue being pulled from your eye lenses. This affects your eyes’ ability to focus.

Cuts and bruises take a much longer time than usual to heal. A feeling of itchiness on your skin.

You may experience tingling and/or numbness in your hands and feet.