Today’s health tip: Thanksgiving diet for better health

areflect thanks giving day

Eat consistently throughout the thanks giving day beginning with a well balanced healthy breakfast.

Choose from your arsenal of healthy snacks before you go to a holiday dinner. Such as 2 high fiber crackers with 2 tsp natural peanut butter or a hardboiled egg to control hunger.

Offer to bring a dish. There may not be many healthy foods offered, so at least you’ll have one go-to since you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

Load up on lighter and cleaner appetizers and healthy fats. such as  crudité with a portion of hummus.

Give yourself a drink maximum before the meal begins on thanks giving day. Remember to sip slowly and choose lower-calorie and sugar options such as vodka and seltzer or wine spritzers.

An hour spent burning calories will also motivate you to make healthier choices later in the day.