Today’s tech news: Google removes 13 applications from Google Play

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After a security expert discovered that the applications downloading malware on gadgets from Google play. The greater part a million Android users have downloaded and introduced malignant applications on their gadgets.

Two of these applications had likewise highlighted under the popular section on the google play store. These applications as vehicle and truck driving simulators. These apps not accessible on the Play Store now.

The applications containing Android malware downloaded more than multiple times. Strangely, all the applications named under one developer Luiz Pinto. These applications are games did not work and rather crashed every time as user attempts to run application.

The apps would hide themselves and their icons after users launched them. Also, they asked to install additional APK called ‘Game Center’, even though they did not have any legitimate functionality. The researcher has also posted some videos demonstrating how the apps would work.

It isn’t the first occasion when that an enormous number of Android users have been influenced by malicious applications containing malware. A year ago, an auto-clicking adware called Judy was found on 41 applications and said to have influenced between 8.5 million and 36.5 million Android gadgets. Likewise, another botnet malware called FalseGuide had supposedly tainted a large number of Android gadgets.