YouTube will stop video annotations feature from January 2019


After a long time YouTube created annotations boxes where users can insert their videos. By January they are removing all of those that currently exist.

The world’s largest video streaming platform will dropping its video annotations feature from 15 January 2019. There is a drop in the number of people who see the annotations in videos. So that they have plain to stop this feature by January 2019.

The change in video viewing type from desktop PC to mobile has prompted this decision. As the video annotation feature is not available on mobile phones. According to YouTube, around 70 percent of the watch time is now on mobile phones only. But the drop in desktop viewership not working in favour of the annotation feature which introduced in June 2008 to add layers of text or links or highlights to your video.

Instead of using annotations another feature present on YouTube to add some layer to the videos is the interactive cards. Which are denoted by a small ‘i’ in the top right-hand corner. You can add things such as other videos or even have a poll there which the creator may add and much more. It is less disruptive than annotations as you need to hit that circular ‘i’ icon for the card to show, whereas annotations are time-stamp based. The only way to get rid of it is to toggle the annotations off.

The annotations editor feature on YouTube disabled in May 2017, which means you can no longer add any annotations, but only edit existing ones or delete them.