Today’s tech news: Google to shutdown Hangouts in 2020

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Google to stop Hangouts services from 2020. It has been ill experience for the company since it launched. As a swap for Gchat in 2013, and it’s really been losing features as the organization quit refreshing the application and removed messaging.

But Hangouts will remain alright for the time being as communicating tool in a work environment included as G Suite’s. Additionally video conferencing platform Hangouts Meet.

The company reported another RCS Chat include inside Android Messages. It hasn’t formally released. As the planning is up to every bearer. Except reports of help for RCS messaging service coming in mid-2019 fit the planning for Hangouts closing down in 2020.

All things considered, it doesn’t look good for individuals who basically utilize Hangouts inside Gmail. Utilize it to speak with their children or individuals who don’t have mobile phones. There are still a considerable measure of points of interest open to question at the present time.

Its actual usage numbers are still significant given that Google’s initiative to build a true messaging alternative, Allo, flopped miserably.