Today’s tech news: Verizon has announced RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL launch tomorrow

areflect RCS chat

Verizon has announced that it will launch RCS Chat on the Pixel 3 and 3 XL tomorrow. Just those two smartphones on Verizon will have the feature. However the organization discloses that it focuses on bringing messaging to other Verizon cell phones later on.

RCS Chat is messaging standard set to swap SMS for Android phones like Apple’s iMessage. It underpins highlights that you would anticipate from any text messaging customer. However, Chat requires carrier support, Including high-clarity pictures and video, group chat and text suggestion indicators. RCS will let you send larger messages up to 8,000 characters long. Moreover, it doesn’t have another highlights that you’d need in a text messaging end-to-end encryption for security.

Google’s main procedure for offering a high end messaging to Android customers by substituting the current messaging Hangouts and Allo apps.If someone sends you a message using Chat and you don’t have the service yourself, you’ll just receive it as a normal SMS/MMS. Other upcoming features include “local sharing, mobile payments, sending audio recording, sending stickers and much more,” Verizon said.

Moreover, the service is already available in a limited way on Sprint and T-Mobile. Google has said that it will arrive to over 55 operators around the world.