Today’s tech news: YouTube mobile videos will now play automatically

areflect Youtube

YouTube has announced that its “Autoplay on Home” feature is now rolling out to both its Android and iOS applications. Which is basically an autoplay feature will allow you to preview videos in your feed before firing them up. Which you’ll either love or hate, but the good thing is, it can disabled.

As you scroll through videos, they will start playing with subtitles, but audio will muted. So you can get a good idea about that video, and you can decide whether to watch it in full or not. This feature can disable entirely via Settings, or simply set it to autoplay only on Wi-Fi.

Now this feature will autoplay videos on your “Home feed”  said by YouTube. there are not sure if that which essentially refers to the first tab in your YouTube app. Though this feature should work for your “Subscriptions” as well.

This feature is probably well-known to YouTube Premium member only. Because it have available for YouTube Premium member for over half a year at this point. YouTube did say that they’ve had more  positive feedback when it comes to this feature. That is why they decided to roll it out to the regular application as well.

Autoplay on Home can a really useful feature, and if you don’t like it, for whatever reason, you can always disable it completely which is always nice, so it won’t be in the way. This feature is not came to YouTube, while the other paid-only feature that users are requesting is still exclusive to paying consumers. While the video is playing you do whatever you want on the phone. YouTube will hopefully get that feature to non-paying consumers in the near future as well.