Today’s tech news: Facebook’s Messenger Lite updated with animated GIF support

areflect messenger lite

A lightweight version of Facebook’s popular messaging app, finally came with animated GIF’s. Users can able to send and receive animated GIF’s, improving the overall experience of using Messenger Lite.

Before this update, Messenger Lite users can only receive GIFs, but they couldn’t actually play them. And they were just still, unanimated images but from now onwords, GIFs can animated as clips. Now, users can send and receive these animated GIFs. But Facebook recommends using a third-party keyboard like the Google Gboard to send them.

Meanwhile all the conversation customisation features that are present in Messenger Lite’s data-heavy counterpart are available in this version. Individual conversations will coloured, people and groups will nicknamed, and chat emojis will changed. And also you can now share files, images, videos, and audio files through the application.

So, if you’re using a device with a lower bandwidth or an earlier generation Android device, you now have nearly all the same capabilities that the original has with far less storage consumption. If you can handle a slightly different interface and a few less capabilities in turn for a faster communication experience, Messenger Lite is a good alternative.

Facebook Lite finally joins in the billion downloads club

In today’s tech news  Facebook’s Lite app just reached the milestone of downloading  over a billion users on Google Play Store. The Facebook Lite app which initially launched in India which has a lot of people using the mobile internet with 2G networks. And later introduced globally following its success in India.

Facebook Lite another member of the Facebook apps family to have a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. And Facebook Lite app is  popular in developing markets and the app crossed 200 million users mark in February 2017. And registering a 100 percent increase from March of 2016. Facebook finally launched its Lite version to its iOS users in couple of months back, after testing it out briefly.