Today’s tech news: Instagram rolls out voice messaging feature


Today, the top user base social app Instagram launching a new voice messages feature worldwide. We understand your keen interest, for technology updates follow our today’s tech news listing.

The users can record their message by tapping and holding a microphone button and send messages via voice. It displays as audio wave, the recipients can listen them. The feature offers an off-camera alternative to the video calling feature Instagram.

Audio message recording can be done up to 1minute, a major rival with other messaging platforms. Hands-free messaging could make Instagram a more appealing chat app. Now available on both Android and iOS.

It also could be a win for users in countries with less popular languages or ones that aren’t easily compatible with smartphone keyboards, as they could talk to friends instead of typing.


To send a voice note on Instagram, go to your inbox, open any conversation, and you should find a new microphone icon in the text entry box at the bottom. Tap it and hold while speaking, then release when you’re done. The message will be sent instantly. If you want to dismiss the message, you can swipe to the right where a delete button resides. If you send something by mistake, you can tap and hold then choose to unsend it.

Just as similar to the other chat apps, nothing new in the feature. But more utilized feature by many users around.