Today’s tech news: Mozilla launches Firefox 64 with new feature

areflect firefox 64

Mozilla has officially launched its Firefox 64 browser version with a lot of new features. Based on your activities on the browser new version designed to recommend features and add-ons.

The new feature, is currently only available for users in USA which is called Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR). And uses on-device processing to recommend features, add-ons from Mozilla. Which also get better tab management, which make it easier for them to manage multiple tabs quickly and efficiently. And the Firefox 64 brings improved performance of Mac and Linux devices.

Here’s the full release notes for Firefox Version 64.0

However, developers on the CFR feature said that “proactively recommend” features and add-ons based on your web activity. If you are browsing  certain websites repeatedly, the browser will send you a notification, suggesting you to add the tabs to the ‘Pinned Tabs’ option. In a blog post, Mozilla has explained that it does not curate feature and add-on recommendations based on browser history. And if users are using the Private Browsing mode, they won’t receive any recommendations.

Although, the tab management feature being named as enhanced tab management. Allows users to control tabs according to their need by using Shift or Ctrl buttons and clicking multiple tabs on the tab bar. Moreover, can bookmark, mute, move and pin tabs easily using this feature. Firefox has also updated Task Manager to analyse the amount of energy active tabs consume individually, and allows access to close tabs to save power.

Moreover Firefox 64 active the link-time optimisation on Mac and Linux devices to improve performance. Which introduced on Windows with Firefox 63. And for Windows users now they can share WebPages using the native sharing option. Add-ons can removed using the context menu on their toolbar buttons. For Android users the new version has brought better scrolling speed. And also, the Firefox 64 brings a number of security fixes  accordingly today’s tech news too.