Today’s tech news: Fake Amazon Alex Setup app on App store with Million Downloads

areflect Amazon Alexa setup

There’s an application Amazon’s Alexa setup as of now circling around Apple’s App Store. Putting on a show to be the official setup for Amazon’s Alexa. It tricked its way to the highest point of the download outlines.

At the season of this composition, the mobile application sits at #60 by in the general “Top Free” applications segment. While in a much all the more concerning best 10 put under the Utilities areas at #6.

While a bunch of Reddit clients have announced the application, no move has been made from either Apple or Amazon up until this point.

Despite the fact that the application doesn’t hit you with a moment commercial upon dispatch or incite you to sign-in to Amazon, it asks you to supply your IP address nearby the gadget sequential number and a ‘name’.

For the most part, it’s somewhat astounding to see a trick application. Make it past the iOS App Store survey process, not to mention ascend so high up the graphs.

More than likely, the application saw accomplishment after an inundation of post-Christmas Alexa proprietors looked through the store. With a question along the lines of “setup Amazon Alexa”, eventually driving it on the graphs.

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