Today’s health tip: 7 Tips to relieve New Years Party Hangover


Alcohol dehydrates your system which fastens the process of waking up with a New Year Party hangover.

Staying hydrated is one trick to prevent leg cramps in the night. Keep a glass of water handy and drink up after each round of alcohol.

Drinking on an empty stomach will not just get you in high spirits very quickly, it will also make you throw up soon, ruining your evening.

Parties often mean drinking till the wee hours of the morning and sipping from each other’s glasses. Control the urge and stick to only one type of alcohol.

Don’t gulp down drink after drink, take a break so that there is enough gap between two drinks.

There are higher chances of you having a hangover if your plan is to just sit and drink all evening.

After a few drinks, hit the dance floor and burn those excess calories you’ve consumed.

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