Today’s tech news: Facebook Messenger “dark mode” in testing

areflect dark mode

Facebook Messenger is at long last beginning to test a dark mode. It has been trying different things with changes to its Messenger UI throughout the most recent couple of months.

The most interest we’ve seen from our own users was for a dark mode to all the more likely enhancement the blinding white plan.

We don’t know the list of supported countries. So far as we can tell in our own testing, the US isn’t included. As a result, we aren’t entirely sure what it looks like, either.

We don’t have a clue about the supported nations. If this feature available in your nation the look at the screen capture in another “dark Mode” setting ought to show up in the “Me” area of the application.


A notice itemizing that the new dark mode is as yet a work in advancement will likewise show up however it isn’t quickly clear whether that message shows up while flipping the setting, or when stacking the segment which contains it.

The new mode seems as though you’d most likely expect, supplanting all the obvious and brilliant white foundations with dark, and transforming content from dark to white to coordinate.

The search bar and some other rounded UI elements remain gray, but darker. Based on the screenshots provided, in at least a few spots some parts of the interface are still white, though.

Some other adjusted UI components stay dark other than search bar.  In view of the screen captures gave, in no less than a couple of spots a few sections of the interface are as white.

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