Google Assistant launched to a billion devices and 80 countries

areflect Google Assistant

Google touted some impressive growth for its Google Assistant in 2018. Which was conform in CES 2019 which was getting underway.

The search giant launched Google Assistant in 2016 to compete with Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant. When it debuted, it was limited to the original Google Home smart speaker and the company’s Pixel phone. On Monday, Google announced that its Assistant expected to reach to up to of 1 billion devices this month. Which will includes smart speakers, smart displays, phones, headphones and more. Devices are available in 80 countries and 30 languages  up from 14 countries and eight languages at the beginning of 2018.

with a huge expected presence Google will try to build on this momentum at CES this week. With the company adding a number of useful features to the Assistant such as touch controls in the app and on smart displays.

The Assistant is a important  part of Google’s growth going forward. Especially as people do more of their searching directly on Google’s iconic homepage as comparing on desktop computers.  Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google  has repeatedly said the company is going all out on artificial intelligence.