Today’s tech news: Intel introduces a new laptops with 5G and AI

arelect Intel

AI and 5G are currently the biggest common words in the Smartphone world. And now they are entering their way into the laptop world. Chip-maker Intel launched  a program called “Project Athena” to support  hardware designers to build laptops with AI and 5G capabilities, starting later this year.

The company said that the project as being “designed to enable new experiences and capitalise on next-generation technologies. Including 5G and artificial intelligence.”

Moreover the project will let to know specifications of every year. For introducing new features to consumers. The company will also work together  with  their partners to co-engineer components for upcoming laptops. And  under the project, and certify Athena devices.

Not only for AI and 5G, the project will also focus on shorter boot times, all-day battery life. And better performance for upcoming devices. Intel stated that it is focusing on the ultrabook category, which includes laptops designed for portability. As well as 2-in-1 touchscreen-based convertibles.

For the phones inclusion of a dedicated chip for AI will allows  features like scene detection in camera apps. It is not yet clear exactly what AI capabilities can expect with laptops. But it is possible we will see smart memory management, biometric authentication, and optimised performance.

Intel announced a group of partners for the programming which  including laptop makers like Dell, Asus, HP, and Samsung, and platform developers Google and Microsoft. The company stated that the first Athena-based laptops will be in Chrome and Windows platforms. And the  launch will second half of this year. The new laptops will  likely powered by Intel‘s newly announced 10nm “Ice Lake” processors.